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How to Successfully Follow Up After a Career Fair?


Attending a career fair can be a priceless experience for students and job seekers. It releases a world of opportunities, starts new professional relationships, and can be the stepping stone to your dream job. However, the journey doesn’t end when…

Steering Towards a Successful Change Management Career


Change, as the adage goes, is the only constant. In today’s fast-paced, volatile business world, change is indeed inevitable. Companies must evolve to keep up with shifting markets, technologies, regulations, and customer preferences. To navigate these turbulent waters, organizations rely…

How Home Builders Use Math in Their Careers?


Ever looked at a beautifully designed home and marveled at the genius of its creation? Home building is undeniably an art form, but it’s also an intricate science. Behind those vibrant colors, dynamic lines, and charismatic aesthetics, lie complex mathematical…

Why Choose Pharmacy as a Career

Why Choose Pharmacy as a Career, pharmacist_works_in_a_pharmacy_a_modern_pharmacy

As a career counselor and coach, the question “why choose pharmacy as a career” often surfaces during sessions with clients, especially those considering a career transition or contemplating their next steps. In this article, we will explore why a career…

Are you tired of working? Renewing your passion


Are you perpetually sighing, “I’m tired of working”? You’re not alone. Many employees today echo these words, feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of their work environment. The feeling of weariness can be a daunting hurdle to overcome. But fret not.…

How to Never Have to Work Again?


“Never have to work again.” It’s a phrase that conjures up images of endless vacations, time spent with loved ones, and the freedom to pursue hobbies and passions. But is this a realistic dream or just a mirage? Drawing on…